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Sailing Beyond Knowledge Podcast
Exploring uncharted waters, unfolding an evolving humanity, we bring you the last voices of Gaia.
Category: Educational Technology
Location: Ocean
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October 21, 2017 01:50 AM PDT

After a long period of absence with some large roller coaster rides in between podcasts, Carlita has returned and interviews an alternative health activist from South America. Carlita's guest, Petronio spent time working with alternative cancer cure doctors and health entrepreneurs with spreading their messages of health awareness solutions and the danger of vaccines. He worked as a Spanish translator on a high profile interview, which reached mainstream Ecuadorian radio and television on the dangers of the H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine. Petronio has been suffering the repercussions since the consequences of this information hitting mainstream news in Ecuador and his colleague had lost his life. This year, Petronio was kidnapped and tortured three times in the space of a few months.

A hefty price for campaigning to raise public health awareness to the Ecuadorian media, on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccines in Ecuador, in 2009 when there was a media frenzy on a H1N1 pandemic some years ago. After being regressed with hypnosis, Petronio starts to remember more than what happened during his first kidnapping. He discovered something extremely shocking about his own identity and background connections to handlers in the MKULTRA programme dating back several generations of participants. The events that followed became a catalyst to him transcending some deeply traumatic experiences and insights to the control system, the MKULTRA programming and how it is used to control key families and resources in South America and other underdeveloped countries, with its feedback loop to the West in relation to geopolitics and the shadow government.

There are two parts to this podcast, the first is where Carlita interviews Petronio’s experiences and insights and the second part is the earlier broadcast that Petronio had done with his colleague Neville who died after this public talk on Ecuadorian radio, to warn local people on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine and the ingredients of vaccines and how one vaccine company had tested it on several thousand homeless polish people with dire consequences.

The only way to combat corporate bioterrorism is to educate people on the dangers of these bioengineered viruses and vaccines. Here, Petronio shares his story as an activist and MKULTRA survivor and with Carlita, they examine ways we can transcend such experiences in the larger scheme of engineered events and changing human consciousness.


Interview by Carlita Shaw

Author of The Silent Ecocide, a crisis of consciousness


Follow Carlita's Steemit blog here


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Un  Dercho de Naciemento by Natalia lafourcade

February 28, 2015 12:44 PM PST
itunes pic

The Silent Ecocide is a book that this podcast host Carlita Shaw has just published, the book  contains three transcribed interviews of the best interviews from Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio podcast over the years that relate to alternative technologies  and solutions that could help us transist from the current environmental crisis to a better world.

The Silent Ecocide- paperback book 

The Silent Ecocide - Kindle Version 

The Silent Ecocide- The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness

''The book "The Silent Ecocide" captures incredibly the truth about human greed, which has made us exceed the planetary boundaries. The data in the book plus two decades of the writers experience in ecology is a revelation for the ultimate awakening of human consciousness.

The wonders of nature are traded by the corrupt forces of market...mainly the investors....who have no right to it.

Human beings who have the smallest place in coexistence have pretended for too long to be above all. This ego has separated humanity from all forms of lives. Transformation of human consciousness becomes urgent for the survival of all forms of life and for intergenerational equity.........

Thank you and all the best for this wonderful book of yours. May human beings soon realise their follies before it is too late.''

Dr Saamdu Chetri

Executive Director

GNH Centre Bhutan




"Carlita’s devotion to preserving natural landscapes and indigenous cultures is unyielding. It’s rare to see such loving commitment actually embodied in real life; not just in hopeful words, but in resolute actions every day. Thank heavens there are people like Carlita tackling this head on, working on the front lines, speaking the truth."

Neil Kramer,

Philosopher & Author



Philosophy For Living



#gaia, #ecocide, #consciousness, #ecology, #notoecocide, #deepecology, #spiritualecology, #awakeandaware, #indigenousrights, #activists, #truthseekers, #freeenergy, #alternativeenergy, #solarpower, #plantmedicine, #entheogens, #sustainability, #peace, #animalrights, #indigenous, #cosmovision, #meditation,

Email Carlita at thesilentecocide at gmail.com

Follow on twitter @thesilentecocidelaunching

website soon www.thesilentecocide.com



Sailing Beyond Knowledge returns in a new location on google hangouts for more indepth live discussions with our global friends and family, brothers and sisters.  Click here for the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz7LmIPGM5g


Go to for older shows http://sailingbeyondknowledge.podomatic.com

  #alternativethinkers ,   #alternative ,   #activism ,   #podcasting ,   #environment ,   #shamanism ,  #SailingBeyondKnowledgeradio

January 01, 2014 09:03 AM PST

Carlita shares her recent discoveries as an antidote to the last podcast. Thanks to SBK friends and listeners Bo Atkinson from the States for forwarding Neville Goddard's books and whom also connected Carlita to the work of the most talented photographer and painter Abe Goodale whom will be appearing on Sailing Beyond Knowledge at the end of 2014 to talk about his latest work Stepping Beyond and exhibition in Ecuador on Indigenous people and wilderness. Carlita also gives  thanks to a good friend in Canada, Fred Cusinato for making a generous donation to keep Sailing Beyond Knowledge afloat for another year 

Carlita talks about the work of Neville Goddard one of the first initial speakers on Consciousness in the forties and fifties.Carlita then reads out an excerpt from her own writings on the Power of Imagination and how we have become so entrapped in this collective reality that we have no idea how powerful each of us really are, we are not victims of circumstances and we can break free of any concept of outer control limitations as soon as we realize these are all illusions, much like the Wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. There is no such thing as luck or synchronicity or good fortune, everything we experience is a result of every single thought and feeling we are experiencing, the reason why things appear as synchronistic in nature is a result of thoughts manifesting into reality, even the background unnoticed mind chatter contributes to shaping our current reality. Once we realize this and begin to take action to become masters of our imagination and quiet the mind chatter, we begin to experience a harmony of our outer reality with realizing our inner dreams to a level that transforms lives and eventually the world, once we awaken to the magic in our imaginations. There is a nineteen minute excerpt of Neville Goddard speaking on the Awakened Imagination. Carlita will be holding Awakened Imagination workshops later this year combined with her Hypnotherapy work which is a very powerful combination.


''There's nothing to change but our concept of self. Humanity is a single being despite its many forms and faces, and there is in it only such seeming separation, as we find in our own being when we are dreaming. The pictures and circumstances we see in dreams are creations of our own imagination and have no existence save in ourselves. The same is true of the pictures and circumstances we see in the circumstances of this dream of life. They reveal our concepts of ourselves. As soon as we succeed in transforming self, our world will dissolve and reshape itself, with that which our change affirms. The universe that we study with such great care is a dream, and we the dreamers of the dream, eternal dreamers dreaming noneternal dreams. One day, like Nebuchadnezzar, we shall awaken from the dream, from the nightmare in which we fought with demons, to find that we never really left our eternal home, that we were never born and never died, save in our dream''- Neville Goddard.


Further Mentioned Links and Resources

Click here for One to One sessions with Carlita on Awakening your Imagination and turning your dreams into a reality  

Awakened Imagination Neville Goddard Books

Abe Goodale Stepping Beyond South Americas Indigenous people and landscapes-photography and art project. His photography and paintings can also be seen at Abe Goodale tumblr


Please send an email to request details of music sound tracks.

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Art by Steep Aeon from Ecuador.

November 20, 2013 08:27 AM PST

After discovering that she has been censored courtesy of google and youtube, Carlita focuses on Censoring the Truth as she is seeing her fellow marginalized truth campaigners such as Dutchsinse, whom also has recently had his Youtube account deleted for the fifth time, no explicable reason other than censorship of the truth. This episode focuses on how the Oligarchy are systematically and intensively gagging people whom speak out against the current unfolding global fascism that our quasi democracy is shrouding. In previous interviews with Free Energy experts we have explored forms of severe censorship and repression of Free Energy by the powers that be. In this podcast Carlita reads out a document that is sourced from the related links below, this document explores explicitly how people are monitored and gagged in covert forms. This is a hard, raw and dry podcast so be warned! Please share this episode, the truth needs to be known and shared while we still retain a few vestiges of freedom of speech. Also thank you again to those that recently made donations to keep SBK running and available for downloads. We need your support more than ever at the moment.

Fascism Definition

A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and

A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

Oppressive, dictatorial control.....

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Surveillance Issues



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Visit & Join Carlita's  Ecology Projects at Evolve to Ecology

Evolve to Ecology on Facebook

August 23, 2013 03:13 PM PDT

Sailing Beyond Knowledges first Solar Powered Show! Carlita returns with a new episode broadcasting from rainy rural England on a classic wooden boat with her two Latin dogs by her side. She still has to go on land to find an internet connection and electricity when her batteries are flat at some obscure pub or cafe to deliver your trusty SBK updates, so please appreciate the challenges that went into this podcast.

Carlita is continually campaigning to save the Ecuadorian Amazon despite some health and financial challenges. Here she delivers the latest situation in the Ecuadorian Amazon and explains why the unfolding destruction of the Rainforest for Oil is even more insane and unnecessary than ever before.

Carlita explores some of the reasons why we have some discontinuity in modern technology and why this is a clue to corruption in the oil industry and the active repression of advanced technologies in modern clean sustainable transport so that we continue to depend on oil. Take time to listen to how this affects you  and how you are facilitating our dependancy on oil and what you can do to change this. Please sign our petitions to Stop the Selling of the Ecuadorian Amazon for Oil.

Please sign our petition to stop Ecuador selling last of the Amazon for Oil Petition 1.  https://www.change.org/petitions/ministry-of-environment-quito-ecuador-stop-selling-last-of-the-ecuadorian-amazon-rainforest-to-oil-companies

Petition 2.

Further Links:

For further information on how to help us protect the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Shiwiar Culture, contact Carlita at carlita@evolvetoecology.com to find out more about how you can help the Shiwiar people.


Critter Jones music and lyrics by Jesse Miller


Changing my Mind

The Truth of One

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June 08, 2013 04:03 PM PDT

Carlita returns with a new show explaining why she has been away. Carlita dedicates this episode to the growing movement of resistence to the Bilderberg Meeting which has taken place this weekend from the 6th to the 9th of June with the accompanying protest outside the Grove Hotel where the meeting takes place is the newly emerging  Bilderberg Fringe Festival  which includes some distinguished speakers from the truth and justice movement.

Carlita gives updates on the recent news on the Bilderberg Meeting and the success of the Global March Against Monsanto on the 25th of May. The controversial biotech giant Monsanto is withdrawing from the European Union. Carlita also announces the first London Geoengineering Conference  of this year on the 12th of June, 6-8.30pm at the London Lighthouse Centre, 111-117 Ladbroke Grove, London, near Ladbroke Grove tube station.

Following the introduction the main theme of this podcast is to educate people on what the Bilderberg Meeting consists of, who attends and why. The Bilderberg meeting has been a secret hidden meeting away from Press and Public attention for many decades, some believe it never existed. However there is full evidence it is in full force and a gathering of many of the worlds super rich people and corporate CEOs meeting presidents, prime minisers, royalty, banking elites, NATO, IMF, World Trade, Microsoft, Google, European Finance. This year the meeting is held at the Grove Hotel in Watford. Members include George Osborne, David Rockerfeller, Ken Clarke. General Keith Alexander, Peter Mandelson, Henry Kissinger (former US head of state), Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Peter Thiel (founder of Pay Pal), Peter Brabeck (head of Nestle), Eric Schmidt (Google), Josef Ackermann (Shell, Ak bank), Henri de Castries (chairmen of steering committee, CEO of Axa).

This is an audio collage of the best soundbites from the new Bilderberg Fringe Festival 2013 and a celebration of an exponential growth of attention on this previously secret meeting. The People Unite for Truth and Justice Campaigning for Transparency in Banking and Governments.

''If there is any need for transparancy it is in the Bilderberg Group meetings as this is where the top brass of Western Capitalism meet in order to make their deals, listen to each other and lobby, including government ministers, why can't we have transparency over the Bilderberg meetings? Why the Secrecy?''- Michael Meacher MP.

Speakers include former BBC Journalist Tony Gosling, Michael Meacher, Alex Jones, David Icke, Press for Truth and many more....


Spoken word poem by Carlita ''Patented Flower in a Planet Sized Laboratory'' read by Niall Murphy from Shamanic Freedom Radio

Amazing Violinist- Lindsey Stirling tracks- Elements-Radioactive-Crystallize

Monsantrocity-Swami G.

Bugger the Bankers by the Austerity Allstars 


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September 06, 2012 07:14 AM PDT

This Episode is in Spanish, Shiwiar, English and Spanglish. Many thanks to Veronica Suquiland Timias the voice of Shiwiar radio, whom is now our new Shiwiar representative collaborating with Evolve to Ecology and our only connection to the Shiwiar Territory in Juyintsia, Also to Gustavo Timias and Castana Gaulinga for taking such great care of us during our visit . Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand, French Biologist and Photographer.

Carlita goes deep into the Amazon jungle to spend two weeks with the Shiwiar tribe an indigenous minority in Ecuador. At a location that is only accessible by plane flight. For further details please contact Carlita and Evolve to Ecology at www.evolvetoecology.com

There are only 830 indigenous Shiwiar left in Ecuador spanning over 13 communities in the Rainforest, the territory Carlita visits is the furthest into the Amazon Jungle, only accessible by an hour and a half plane flight as their territory is near the Puruvian border. to ltake care of two French volunteers, a biologist and photographer whom wish to help conserve the Shiwiar way of life and protect biodiversity also. Before flying deep into the Amazon, Carlita meets and interviews Cristina Gualingam, a Kichwa Indigenous woman whom has been fighting for the conservation and survival of her people in the Savayakwa Territory against illegal oil drilling that has been going on for over 12 years in her territory, Cristina's people are working with Amazon Watch to campaign against the oil company that has destroyed the rainforest and exploited their people's rights. The documentary called,''The Children of the Jaguar'' is coming soon. You can contact Cristina Gualinga at Cristiallwa@yahoo.com.

The two weeks we spent working with the Shiwiar was a humbling experience indeed, to learn their way of life to get a tiny glimpse of their immense knowledge of Rainforest Medicinal plants and general everyday survival, to collaborate on various conservation projects, preparing for future invasion by oil companies, an hour into the podcast you will hear a military helicopter fly into the territory, it is possible they are mapping the area for oil. No words can describe the experience with the Shiwiar people, they are very kind hearted people, anyone is welcome to spend time with them and collaborate on conservation projects.

For further information on how to help us protect the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Shiwiar Culture, contact Carlita at evolvetoecology@gmail.com or carlita@evolvetoecology.com to find out more about how you can help the Shiwiar people.


Este episodio es en español, Shiwiar, Inglés y Spanglish

Muchas gracias a Veronica Suquiland Timias la voz de Shiwiar radio, quien es ahora nuestro nuevo representante Shiwiar colaborar con Evolucionar a la Ecología y nuestra única conexión con el territorio Shiwiar en Juyintsia. También a Gustavo Timias y Gaulinga Castana por cuidar tan grande de nosotros durante nuestra visita.

Carlita se adentra en la selva amazónica para pasar dos semanas con la tribu Shiwiar una minoría indígena en el Ecuador. En un lugar que sólo es accesible por viaje en avión. Para más detalles, póngase en contacto con Carlita y evolucionar a la Ecología en www.evolvetoecology.com

Hay sólo 830 Shiwiar indígena queda en Ecuador que abarca más de 13 comunidades en la selva, las visitas territorio Carlita es el más lejano en la selva amazónica, sólo se puede acceder por una hora y media de vuelo avión ya que su territorio se encuentra cerca de la frontera Puruvian. ltake a cargo de dos voluntarios franceses, biólogo y fotógrafo quien desea ayudar a conservar el medio Shiwiar de la vida y proteger la biodiversidad también. Antes de viajar profundamente en el Amazonas, Carlita cumple y entrevistas Gualingam Cristina, una mujer indígena Kichwa quien ha estado luchando por la conservación y la supervivencia de su pueblo en el territorio Savayakwa contra la extracción de petróleo ilegal que ha estado sucediendo desde hace más de 12 años en su territorio , la gente de Cristina están trabajando con Amazon Watch para hacer campaña en contra de la empresa petrolera que ha destruido la selva y explotar los derechos de su pueblo. El documental llamado'' Los Hijos del Jaguar'' está al caer. Puede contactar con Cristina Gualinga en Cristiallwa@yahoo.com.

Las dos semanas que pasé trabajando con el Shiwiar fue una lección de humildad en efecto, para aprender su estilo de vida para conseguir un pequeño vistazo de su inmenso conocimiento de las plantas medicinales Rainforest y la supervivencia cotidiana en general, a colaborar en varios proyectos de conservación, la preparación para la invasión de futuro por las compañías petroleras, a una hora en el podcast se oye una mosca helicóptero militar en el territorio, es posible que se cartografía la zona de petróleo. No hay palabras para describir la experiencia con el pueblo Shiwiar, son personas de buen corazón muy amable, todos son bienvenidos a pasar tiempo con ellos y colaborar en proyectos de conservación.

Para más información sobre cómo ayudar a proteger el Amazonas ecuatoriano y la Cultura Shiwiar, póngase en contacto con Carlita en evolvetoecology@gmail.com carlita@evolvetoecology.com o para saber más acerca de cómo puede ayudar a las personas Shiwiar.

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June 21, 2012 02:24 PM PDT

Carlita has the tables turned and is interviewed by Michel Blanchard and Ashley Rogers of Radio Ecuador. Topics discussed are Conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, How Carlita met Pascual Kunchicuy and was inspired to set up the foundation Evolve to Ecology to support the Shiwiar people, the most recently discovered indigenous people of the rainforest in Ecuador, Pascual's work history and Shiwiar tribal roots and how they were discovered. Other subjects discussed are how  important Sustainability is for humankind and sustainability and food production in Ecuador, Nuclear power vs Free Energy and other supressed technologies, Trevor James Constable, Patrick Kelly, Dr Brian O'Leary, Jason Verbelli & Sir John Searl`s work, Exopolitics, Exopolitics University and Alfred Lambremont Webre III,  Neil Kramer Consciousness and the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Thanks to Michel Blanchard & Ashley Rogers Ecuador at your Service

Article about Carlita here


Transcript and further links available on Sailing Beyond Knowledge Blog

Other SBK links

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Visit & Join Carlita's  Ecology Projects at Evolve to Ecology



I Believe in Love

Elephants by Warpaint

Free Energy Mantra by Illuminertia

A New Earth by Fred Cusinato

February 08, 2012 10:37 AM PST
itunes pic

Carlita meets George Green and Bill Ryan (from Project Camelot) through mutual friends for dinner along with Christine Anderson from Vilcabamba, Christine and Bill Ryan run workshops through the VilcaPortal, please get in touch with them there for more details. After dinner Bill Ryan discusses the possible events that may or maynot unfold this year and introduces George Green.

George Green tells of his story of how he started out as a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D). Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. This experience led him to see through the veils from inside the financial world.

George is also frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is Publisher of “Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ´´ET’s´´.

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Read More on Sailing Beyond Knowledge Blog

January 12, 2012 01:16 PM PST

Sailing Beyond Knowledge is back in full swing from our new location operating from South America with our first ground breaking episode for 2012, the year of Truth and Prophecies.

Some may find it hard to believe that the problem is not that a cure for cancer has not been found, there are many cures that have been purposely surpressed for over 150 years. Carlita has a conference call with Documentary Film Maker Jose Escamilla and three cancer cure doctors, scientists and researchers, all of whom wish to remain anonymous for protection, bar one, Greg Caton, Greg recently returned to Ecuador after illegally being kidnapped from South America and placed in an American Prison for two years by the Food and Drug Administration for making cures for cancer.

Read more at Sailing Beyond Knowledge at Wordpress

Chaga, the Cancer Preventative Siberian Mushroom

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Music ''Now I see the Light'' by Mason

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